A Long Time Coming

For the last few days I have been posting some small asemic teasers on Instagram. Oh yes, my asemic mojo has been revived… For those of you who are new around here and are not too sure of what asemic is, you might want to read this first. Trust me, it will make sense of what is to follow.

I first wrote about asemics back in 2010 and published my first book ‘Four Fools’ the following year with the intention of creating a tetralogy. The book was a combination of hand written and typographic compositions based upon a style of asemic writing that I had developed independently. I expected it to be of little interest beyond a few of my friends and was surprised to see how well it sold!

In 2012 I published ‘Pabulum’ as the second installment and featured several new typographic and symbolic writing styles, along with new and original calligraphic writing.  The book was more explorative than the original, with more variety in style.

The following year ‘Underovary’ was released. The third book was pared back to two primary scripts, both of which were developed digitally for this purpose, along with a range of brush calligraphy. Having created three books in three years was mentally exhausting and the final installment was put on indefinite hold. Until now.

It’s been 5 years in the making, but the final installment of my tetralogy of asemic novels is now complete. I proudly present ‘An Isochronous Apologue’.

This book was created to complete the series by returning to hand written asemics and calligraphic brushwork with less typographic material than the previous books. There are suggestions of an additional commentary, debate and censorship within the compositions along with articles of evidence and ephemera.

Like the first three books, ‘An Isochronous Apologue’ is an 8×5″ softcover trade book, and at 64 pages is over 20 pages longer than the others.

All four books are now available from those lovely folks at Blurb.

If you like these books, you may also be interested in ‘A Kick in the Eye’ – a collaborative graphic novel created by 12 asemic artists (including myself) which is currently available at Amazon.