Oh hello – I’m Christopher Skinner. You may remember me from films such as “I was a Teenage Graphic Designer”, “Honey, I Shrunk the Logo” and “Four Fonts and a Drop Shadow” but more likely you know me from my original blog www.lestaret.wordpress.com! (this opening line really only works if read out loud in the style of Troy McLure from The Simpsons)

Well, if one thing is for sure, 2017 will bring about a whole bunch of changes, and that goes the same for my blogging habits. Firstly, as you have probably gathered by now, I’m retiring the .wordpress blog – only retiring though – I’m leaving everything where it is for posterity and restarting over here, and with every intention to get back blogging regularly. So gird up your loins, update your favourites and prepare yourself for much of the same!

Happy New Year!

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