I am currently the senior designer for Medify and responsible for the majority of visual output. Medify has an extensive repository of blog posts on a wide range of subjects. These are revised and updated regularly and generally comprise hero images, infographics and secondary supporting images.

Having developed organically and reactively since its inception, the Medify brand needed significant work to develop and establish consistency across its products and communication platforms. This involved the development of comprehensive brand guidelines to create a coherent visual identity that encompasses every aspect of the business.

Medify’s mock tests accurately replicate the real UCAT/BMAT/GAMSAT tests and require a wide range of monochrome illustrations, diagrams, charts and infographics. Each test requires imagery to different specifications to replicate the real tests but are also standardised to provide consistent visuals across all its products.

Social media assets are created to promote the core themes of ‘the medics journey’, ‘diversity’ and ‘aspiration’.