Patterns of Poetry

There was a time when most serious readers had a poetry section on their bookshelves but alas, no more I fear. These few gems were rediscovered by my friend Nick recently and I thought they were beautiful; elegantly understated but playful.

Penguin led in the design of these collections, but other publishers soon caught on and developed their own. A recent visit to a major High Street bookstore showed me that there were precious few poetry books on the shelves, and those that were used banal stock imagery.

So take a deep breath and settle into a moment of calm and let the patterns do their work…

The Browning, Chinese Verse and e.e. cummings each have patterns credited to Stephen Russ, who I assume probably created the rest.

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    • If anyone appreciated these I knew you would be amongst them! The American Poetry cover is truly gorgeous – Nick has more of the collection and probably will find this one next week!

      The scores are also a great collection – I’ve not seen these before – another investigation on the Lestaret list…

      What other goodies are lurking on the shelves at Weir HQ?

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