In support of MyTutor application

For Medify
Selected screens from the brand guidelines:

Selection of characters created for use across all channels, with an emphasis on diversity and identity:

Instagram posts:
Variations also created for Instagram reels, Twitter and Facebook.

Blog hero images:
Compositional variations produced for thumbnail and mobile use.

Blog secondary images:
Used to visually reflect blog themes and break up large blocks of continuous text.

Images and infographics from the knowledge bank:
Information and advice on a wide rage of subjects, from medical history, news and professional practice.

Scientific images used in the UCAT and BMAT mock tests:
Illustrations, diagrams, tables, charts and graphs that provide stimuli for test questions, explanations and answers. Greyscale to simulate the visual of the actual test.

Other relevant work

Rebranding a migrant support charity including offline and online collateral:
Including brand guidelines, website, internal and external signage, printed stationery, promotional material and internal forms.

Funding application brochure
56pp softcover book to support funding application:

Other branding/identity projects:

other work can be viewed here