In a Tangle

And now, a shameless plug for a great new band.

Black Slipper are a South Yorkshire duo who have just released their first recordings on Bandcamp and are in regular rotation on the Lestaret playlist these days.

With a rather groovy post-punk vibe, and a strangely compelling vocal with a distinctive Yorkshire hook, these five tracks are quite hypnotic and feel far too short, leaving you wanting more after the last track ends.

What’s more, ‘In a Tangle’ is available to download and stream at all reputable purveyors of digital musicology, including Spotify, GooglePlay, iTunes, Apple Music, Tidal, Deezer and Shazam. Go listen – stream or download – it doesn’t matter, but go do it anyway.

Disclaimer: I know these chaps but am not profiting in any way from this plug. I just want to share some good music with you.

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