Very Disappointed

The incredible Black Slipper have recently released a follow up EP to the critically acclaimed (by me) debut I wrote about in February.

Just like their first release Black Slipper are in a Tangle, Black Slipper are Very Disappointed is a seamless companion piece – I like to think of it as ‘Side 2’ as I generally play the 5 new tracks like the flip side of a new album!

The South Yorkshire duo continue to discharge contagious licks and undeniably groovy beats, combined with their own brand of surreal and slightly menacing lyrics, sautéed in a distillation of post-punk ambience.

Along with ‘In a Tangle’, Very Disappointed’ is available to download and stream at all reputable purveyors of digital musicology, including SpotifyGooglePlay, iTunes, Apple Music, Tidal, Deezer and Shazam. Go listen – stream or download – it doesn’t matter, but go do it anyway. You won’t be disappointed.

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