The Mausoleum of the Giants

March 19, 2019By LestaretArt No Comments

I am pleased to have been able to see ‘The Mausoleum of the Giants’ in Sheffield this weekend. It is an unusual exhibition by the street artist Phlegm in one of the city’s old factories and well worth a visit! The exhibition has a number of large sculptural figures and creatures as well as smaller … Read More

Very Disappointed

May 8, 2017By LestaretMusic No Comments

The incredible Black Slipper have recently released a follow up EP to the critically acclaimed (by me) debut I wrote about in February. Just like their first release Black Slipper are in a Tangle, Black Slipper are Very Disappointed is a seamless companion piece – I like to think of it as ‘Side 2’ as … Read More

In a Tangle

February 16, 2017By LestaretMusic No Comments

And now, a shameless plug for a great new band. Black Slipper are a South Yorkshire duo who have just released their first recordings on Bandcamp and are in regular rotation on the Lestaret playlist these days. With a rather groovy post-punk vibe, and a strangely compelling vocal with a distinctive Yorkshire hook, these five tracks … Read More