Pulping the pulp

I’ve been taking advantage of the recent warm weather to get some pulp prepared ready for some papermaking during the summer. I’ve been storing offcuts, spoils and spares of a wide range of papers and cards that I have used during the last year – mainly cartridge/watercolour stuff as this has good fibres for repulping, but also junk mail, bits of packaging and packing too, along with a few egg boxes for good measure.

I spent a leisurely afternoon in the garden, sat in a deckchair under a wide parasol tearing everything into little bits and dropping them into buckets of water. There may have been a cold drink or two but not from the buckets!

These were left to soak overnight before pulverising in a blender. If you’re interested in the process, I covered it here in some detail back in 2012.

I had quite a lot of blue scrap too and decided to make a separate batch – I may add this to the white during the making process, but I thought I would like to see how dark/rich the blue was before I did:
I had got a decent amount of grey and black scrap too and made a third batch – I have got plans for this but want to darken it up a bit more.

All this is leading up to some new prints which will be for sale in my Etsy shop later in the year. Watch this space.