The Mausoleum of the Giants

I am pleased to have been able to see ‘The Mausoleum of the Giants’ in Sheffield this weekend. It is an unusual exhibition by the street artist Phlegm in one of the city’s old factories and well worth a visit!

The exhibition has a number of large sculptural figures and creatures as well as smaller ones and some wall paintings too.

There are some excellent photos on Phlegm’s Instagram pages and a fantastic series of photographs of the exhibition (and plenty of other Phlegm-related work) can be viewed on the Postcard Cafe website here.

The exhibition runs until Saturday 6th April and there are some excellent walking guides around the city’s collection of street art by Phlegm and others! Go see…

Also, the two shady characters lurking about in the first image are none other than the mighty Black Slipper who are both old enough to know better.